A rich tapestry of food and living, right here right now

Welcome to this new blog. I’ll be writing about farming in cities and all things related – agriculture and agritecture, soil science, aquaponics, local food movements and markets, school kitchen projects, rooftop gardens and earth walls, vertical gardens and balcony vegie boxes, sustainable cropping, drylands farming, seasonal cycles, rainfall patterns, climate drying, futureproofing, food security, food history, food technology and much more. I’ll share interesting news as I come across it, and post about the developments in my own projects as they happen. My main project is an unirrigated drylands food forest in a suburban back yard within the metropolitan area of Perth, Western Australia, but I’ll also occasionally write about things happening in the family orchards down South, or other parts of Australia, or in the farming world generally. I believe that we shouldn’t be so separated from Nature that we don’t know where our food comes from, and that having a rich diversity of plants and animals around us even here in the cities is not only possible but desirable for our own physical, mental and social health.

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