The Fly In Your Eye

Between sick children and missing daycare and various things, I’m not getting many posts finished this week. Which means I’ll have heaps of backlog next week when I get to sit down to them all 🙂 But for now, can I recommend for your reading pleasure, The Fly In Your Eye.

It’s been very useful to me in getting to know the local bush fly cycle and how it works, both here and in other parts of Australia I’ve lived in. It also explained to me why as soon as I decided that it would be a situation made of win to make my own fly traps with the kids and trap flies, both to get them out of our faces and to use as a free, highly nutrient-rich fertiliser, they all vanished. It’s not long now until fly season begins again – in Perth, it starts in secondspring and goes through firstsummer then tails off in the heatwaves of secondsummer. So soon it’ll be time to make the traps again and have a second go. Free fertiliser and soil conditioner! On these soils, or rather sands, I see no reason to turn up my nose at any possibility for soil improvement. At some point I promise I will post about some of the options for low-cost, low-work soil improvements that I’ve come across and tried, some more unusual than others.

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