Saturday links

Every Saturday’s post on AgriTapestry is a collection of agriculture, agritecture, urban farming and gardening related links, often stories that have come up during the week. Here’s this week’s:

Events in Perth

Scents of Science – Science and Sustainability Fair at the Canning River Eco Centre, Kent St Weir, Sunday 18th August

Great Gardens at the Chem Centre Open Day on Saturday 24th August – turning sand into soil

Kings Park Wildflower Festival and Wildflower September, starting Sept 1st – it’s the festival’s 50th anniversary this year.

Festival of the Trees / Men of the Trees’ St Barbe Open Day, Sept 7

Around the world

Saving the Argentinian Crown of Thorns trees by putting them to sustainable use in agriculture and industry (from Intel)

How ancient ecosystems are still showing the results of extinctions that happened long before human memory (from New Scientist)

Greener suburbs denote healthier residents (from Science Network Western Australia)

Around the country

Urban gardens going vertical (audio) – exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum right now (from the ABC)

Breeding easy-care, bare-breached dual-purpose sheep for the Mallee (from the ABC)

Farmers, when things get busy, you still need a sex life (from the ABC)

“It’s the best flood we’ve had in 50 years” – Capel farmer John Fry talks about winters “getting back to what we used to think was normal, which was prior to about thirty years ago” (from the ABC)

Northwest NSW: Two seasons just 100 km apart (from the ABC) – fascinating for the depiction of how quickly the landscape changes from rainbelt to barren.

Aerial culling declared “humane”, used to protect fragile waterholes and culturally significant sites from more than 3500 horses (from the ABC)

On hay as a cash crop (from the ABC)

Tip to worms at Broken Hill (from the ABC)

Fencing a private nature corridor and protecting a national park on the Eyre Peninsula (from the ABC)

Rural renaissance (audio) – thinking about the future of farming food, and what’s gotta give (from the ABC)

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