This weekend: Almond Blossom Festival and Sustainable Rural Land Expo, Vic.

Just wanted to give a shout-out to a couple of events happening this weekend.

The Mallee Almond Blossom Festival is on Sunday at the Robinvale Golf Course in northern Victoria. Local almonds, olives, preserves and foods, with masses and masses of almond blossom. Tis’ the season. (I’ve been working on a post about almonds but it’s taking forever to put together.)

The Sustainable Rural Land Expo is on down in the Mornington Peninsula, also Victoria, on Saturday. Lots of guest speakers and good information about local best practices in soil, water, and more. It’s at the Hastings Hall.

In other seasonal news, I did indeed this morning as predicted see four Australian Ringneck parrots up in the Wirewood tree (Acacia coriacea), squabbling over seedpods and telling each other about the neighbourhood cats.

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