Friday photo – Bruce Rock trip special

Last weekend we went on a little wander, a short loop through the central/southern wheatbelt out to Bruce Rock and back. I was particularly interested in wildflowers, granite and wheatbelt farming. Here are a few choice shots. Sadly, my photos of the historic stone wells and other water catchment features didn’t come out.

Golden-flowered garden-escaped weed at Quairading

Garden-escaped weed in the playground at Quairading (~380mm annual rainfall)

Pink lake and blue lake split by a road, just east of Quairading

The Pink Lake just east of Quairading. Blue on one side, pink on the other.

Drosera climbing flower stalk, glittering beads of sticky enzymes to catch insects for nitrogen

Drosera in flower at Kokerbin Rocks. The glittering beads are sticky enzyme droplets on moving cages of sensitive feelers – this genus of plants has adapted to our extremely poor soils by getting its nitrogen by catching protein sources as they fly or crawl by.

Shallow rock pool on the to pof granite. Many small plants fringing and in water.

Rainwater pool on the top of Bruce’s Rock, home to many little water plants and lots of insects and mosquito larvae

Pattern of lichen and tiny wildflowers at the top of Bruce's Rock

Detail on the top of Bruce’s Rock

Swathe of wildflowers on granite rock being investigated by two-year-old child

A swathe of small wildflowers on Bruce’s Rock. Most plants were less than 15 cm high.

Close-up of a tiny spider at most 1 cm long, sitting on a tiny granite fragment

Look carefully – this little inhabitant of Bruce’s Rock is no more than 1 cm long.

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