Friday photo – Welcome Wagon, Kings Park Wildflower Festival

I’ve seen many different objects repurposed as planters or garden features. Historic machinery is a nice one in larger or public gardens, watering cans can be vintage, modern or both at the same time in a kind of retro way. Bathtubs make slightly surreal but fun water gardens, though I’m never as convinced by toilets used for the same purpose. It’s not often though that you see a car used as a planter. This year is the 50th Wildflower Festival up in Kings Park, and they’ve set out two Welcome Wagons on the main two roundabouts – old Holdens from 1963 or thereabouts, half-gutted, and thoroughly and joyously reclaimed by Western Australia’s famous everlastings.

Everlastings growing in the gutted cabin of an EH Holden

Inside the old Holden – wildflowers taking over random crevices

The Wildflower Festival runs for the month of September, including various free concerts and events on each weekend, free wildflower walks several times daily (find out more at the Info Centre, you can ring them or just wander in) and the now-famous carpets of everlastings growing in special beds you can wander through in the Botanic Gardens. Lots of random artwork too – my kids were particularly fascinated by a yarnbombed rock. “Mummy, why is the rock wearing a jumper?”

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