Friday photo – lemons at dawn

Lemons aglow in the dawn. A cluster of ripe fruit to the front, unripe green fruit above and to the left, and new flowerbuds scattered here and there.

The rising sun sets the lemons aglow on the old tree down the back. The backyard lemon has a long history in Australia and for many people symbolises an old-style neighbourliness, but trees are vanishing as our backyards get built over. A versatile fruit with a popular flavour, lemons enjoy our heat but are among the most cold-tolerant of citrus so grow easily throughout most of the country. Trees have two or three flushes of fruit a year giving a more consistent supply than other citrus. In this photo you can see ripe fruit that flowered last secondspring, green fruit from flowers last autumn, and new flowers of this season.

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3 Responses to Friday photo – lemons at dawn

  1. Julie says:

    No backyard lemon tree, but every time I leave or enter the house, the fragrance from the lemon blossom by the front door is amazing. Unfortunately, although they are the best lemons I have ever seen or tasted (Meyer), the tree only produces a crop every year, sometimes two years. The fruit takes a long time to mature.

  2. stephbg says:

    I love that photo.

    • tikiwanderer says:

      Glad you like it! I was a bit short of photos today – went through my weekly collection last night and none were really good enough to put up. I take a lot of technical shots for use in illustrating various points and ideas, and they tend to come out effective but not necessarily appealing from a pure aesthetics point of view. So I ran out this morning to see what I could catch in the few minutes the sun was between the horizon and the looming cloud cover 🙂 It was a *very* last minute post!

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