Saturday links

Every Saturday’s post on AgriTapestry is a collection of agriculture, agritecture, urban farming and gardening related links, often stories that have come up during the week. Here’s this week’s:

Urban design

What happens when a town puts people before cars (from The Atlantic Cities)

A new kind of PIG – the Permaculture Interpretive Garden in Randwick (photoessay) (from Fotopedia)

With funding tight, cities are turning to green infrastructure (from environment360)

Around the country

The opposite of “get big or get out” in tropical Queensland (from the ABC)

Rain boosts yields at Birchip Cropping Group trial area (from the Weekly Times Now)

Volunteer to help out a farmer – or to take volunteers – programme in NSW, Qld and Vic (from Buy a Bale)

National, Federal and interstate issues

Farmer’s code of conduct to fight supermarket price war (from the ABC)

Essential Media poll from Nov 8, 2010, showing very high public support for government assisting agriculture

The Big Wet regeneration pulse (from Ian Lunt’s Ecological Research Site)

Around the world

Dairy digester solicitation guidance document from California

Vast supplies of groundwater found under Kenya (from New Scientist)

Yet another UN report calls for support for peasant farming and agroecology (from Via Campesina)

White paper: the economic importance of Western irrigated agriculture (USA) (from WaterWired)

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