Friday photo – Borage and grass bins

Blue borage flowers hang down in the foreground. Seen behind them, three black 60 litre lidded bins sit in a line leading away.

My borage grows semi-randomly with the rest of the weeds, attracting bees and other beneficial insects to what’s otherwise not so exciting a garden for them yet. Behind are three bins I use for killing couch grass runners that I’ve dug out of vegie beds. I fill the bins, then fill them with water and leave them for ten weeks. This week I cycled the bins – the water gets poured off and used as a weak fertiliser, and the dead clippings and dirt got laid down as a path covering just between the bins and the borage. Then new piles of grass and weeds went into the bins. The aim is to keep all nutrients within the property boundaries given how poor our soil is.

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3 Responses to Friday photo – Borage and grass bins

  1. bloomeeorg says:

    Interesting idea. Is that comfrey?

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