#agrichatworld – first in the world

Farmers all over the world just came together to have a joint global chat via Twitter. I’m seeing the aftermath now and it sounds like it’s been really cool for everyone involved. I didn’t make it myself – I forgot that 5 am wasn’t early enough and I needed to be up at 3 am Perth time to join in! But the stats are starting to trickle through.

AgriChatUK says:

632 contributors, 3,664 Tweets, 890,282 reach and 8.44 MILLION timeline deliveries for tonight’s discussion

It even made the global trend list. AgriChatUK will be putting up a summary of the discussion on their summaries page for those of us who missed it or who simply couldn’t keep up with such a fast-paced chat (40 tweets a minute at its peak). There’s also going to be a Pinterest board going up with photos that people contributed of farming in their area.

It’s good to see the friendship that springs up between farmers around the globe, with an instant common ground. Here’s one final takeaway.

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