Friday photo – Under the old lemon tree

A field of orange, white, burgundy and yellow nasturtiums stretches back under drooping lemon tree branches to a wood-and-cast-iron bench set amongst tall grass

Chaos-by-design under the lemon tree. I introduced the nasturtiums as part of the weedscape and they’ve done well, sheltering the lemon tree’s soil and suppressing most of the other weeds (compare to how thickly the grass grows beyond the dripline). The abundant flowers mean two things: lots of flowers for the kids to pick at whim, and lots of seedpods for me to pickle as faux capers. There are a few other useful volunteers under there that have held out as best they can but I think this area will be just nasturtiums in winter from now on.

For more about the lemon tree bed, you might like to read this post.

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