Saturday links

Every Saturday’s post on AgriTapestry is a collection of agriculture, agritecture, urban farming and gardening related links, often stories that have come up during the week. Here’s this week’s:

David Suzuki helps develop locally-sourced insect-based fish feed for aquaculture (Vancouver Sun)

Fact Check: does grazing reduce bush fires in national parks? (The Conversation)

Were cheap milk tweets an astroturfing campaign? (The Australian Dairyfarmer)

Five reasons to ditch the bull (The Australian Dairyfarmer)

New Australian tool to predict bushfire behavior (ABC)

Aussie food industry getting canned (The Project)

California Boosts Small-Scale Urban Farming With Passage Of Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act (Huffington Post)

New Australian president of the Associated Country Women of the World (ABC)

Japanese cloud farming – and cow pedometers (CNet)

‘Knee-jerk’ reaction to BSD (The Land)

Kick-ass solution to wild dogs (Qld Country Life)

Politicians have forgotten the ‘dry’ in ‘dry tropics’ (The Conversation)

Introducing the Agribusiness Council of Australia (Feedlots, Farms and Family) – or see the Agribusiness Council of Australia’s own website

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