Wild dog action plan submissions closing, and other ferals

The National Wild Dog Action Plan is almost at the end of its submissions stage. If wild dogs and how we manage them impacts you or concerns you, you have until this Friday to go download the draft plan and connected materials, have a read, and send in your submission.

Last night’s #agchatoz on Twitter was pretty interesting. The topic was ferals, and farmers from around the country and many different industries talked about the animals that were pests to them, the control strategies they used, how they did or didn’t work with neighbours and local government on the problems, how native animals fit in with that. The chat included invited guest the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, who develop/maintain the PestSmart Toolkit. It’s a one-stop online resource for managing (vertebrate) feral pests – goats, pigs, wild dogs, deer, foxes, feral fish, rabbits, cane toads and the like, gathering the science and best practice information for each pest together in one spot. Worth having a look through if you have any pests affecting your area or business. They also have a YouTube channel, and a Facebook page which is currently running a competition voting for your favourite feral-animal-photo (the contenders are magical shots). Even if you’re not currently facing any such pests, check out the photos anyhow.

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