Online resource – the Institute of Advanced Studies 2050 Food Lecture Series (audio recording)

The Institute of Advanced Studies at UWA held three lectures on future food and food security issues in the last few months, titled the 2050 Food Lecture Series. Each of the three lectures was recorded and can be listened to online. Here’s the series description:

The Year 2050 might seem far away, but the current generation of children will only be in their forties and will be raising families.

Their world will have 50% more people in it but the planet, our source of food, will be the same size. The demand for food will be huge. In addition, modern societies are now insisting on food that is healthy, green and ethically produced. We need to plan for this situation and we need to start planning now.

This series of lectures targets three of the key issues that will likely shape the nature of human food in 2050. All lectures are free and open to the public.

The lectures were titled/about:

  • Australian agriculture and global food security
  • Is “more efficient” food production in conflict with animal welfare?
  • Do genetic effects threaten the sustainability of marine fisheries?


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