Friday photo – Bee on mastic thyme

Little heads of tiny white flowers pop up on long stems with small green leaves along them. A bee is on the centre-most flowerhead with its wings hanging down.

Of all my thymes, the one that’s growing with most fervour is the mastic thyme (Thymus mastichina), a wildflower from Spain’s drylands. It has a marvellous flavour, unusually eucalyptus-like for something originating nowhere near this continent. It’s in flower at the moment and as with all thymes the bees love it. I spent a long time choosing this photo as I had several nice ones of bees on the thyme. I chose an uncropped one because I liked the composition and the view of the thyme, despite the cropped ones being able to show details such as tiny caterpillars and age of bees with their effectively increased magnification.

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