Saturday links

Every Saturday’s post on AgriTapestry is a collection of agriculture, agritecture, urban farming and gardening related links, often stories that have come up during the week. Here’s this week’s:

Ag Dept to lose 220 jobs, starting with border control (Farm Weekly)

Aqualibrium Garden – modular loungeroom aquaponics units (Treehugger)

Australia Post franchisees under pressure as online shopping drives up parcel business (ABC)

Population drift in the communities of Western Queensland (ABC)

Bitter cassava and women: an intriguing response to food security (Agri Cultures Network)

Despair, courage and hope in an age of environmental turmoil (The Green Mind, Psychology Today)

Don’s “big backyard” nation’s largest private rainforest (Northern Star)

Edible City (American Society of Landscape Architechts)

Facts only part of ag’s story (The Land)

Fifteen indigenous crops helping feed the world (Food Tank)

Feral camel management across Australia – media release (Australian Feral Camel Management Project)

Growing Up on the Land – a collection of photos and kids’ stories

Herb business using indigenous suppliers is growing along nicely (Weekly Times Now)

Is it time for Aussie-grown or -made aisles in supermarkets? (The Central Telegraph)

Locally sourced produce delivery in New York, winter be damned (co.Exist)

New grape variety not as profitable with US imports (ABC)

Prince Charles accuses supermarkets of putting the squeeze on farmers (The Telegraph (UK))

Skies through indigenous eyes – ethnoastronomy and the cycles of the year in Brazil (SciDevNet)

Urban beehives on the rise as global bee numbers decline (ABC)

Yass Area Landcare Network’s response to diversion of landcare funds (Yass Area Landcare Network)

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2 Responses to Saturday links

  1. How did you end up with the Northern Star link?

    • tikiwanderer says:

      I follow a lot of the local papers and local radio stations from around the country on Twitter. Pretty sure that’s where that one came from, unless it was posted on FB by one of my druid friends. I don’t think any of the druids I know actually live in the area, but there are several not far away by Aus standards and the 2014 Assembly will be there in a couple of months.

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