Friday photo – Straw Berries

Three strawberries lying left to right on a bed of straw. The left most is red and ripe. The MIddle is small, white to very pale green with green pips and very new. The rightmost is white with pink pips and softer looking, just beginning to develop towards ripeness.

It’s one of the harvest times in my garden. Anything intended to bear fruit and then retreat before true summer begins is fruiting. The blueberries, the dill and coriander, the autumn-planted tomatoes, the chickpeas… and the strawberries. I think these are Cambridge Rivals, which are spring-fruiters. However my plantings got a little mixed up when the cats dug them all up for me so these may be Alinta which is a non-day-length-limited cultivar, in which case these are only the first of a slow trickle of strawberries across most of the year. I will find out as summer progresses.

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