Friday photo – Rainclouds over stubble and an old fence, Arthur River

A field of dry blonde wheat stems, deheaded by harvest, reaching back a kilometre to the ridge of a hill where the dry wheat stubble shines almost white in a patch of sunlight. Some dark tree silhouettes along the ridge horizon. Above are dark grey heavy storm clouds, not raining yet but imminently so.

One of my most physical memories of this time of year is the smell of harvest. On the weekend there was also a lot of petrichor mixed in! As we drove south through the wheat-sheep belt I saw harvesters standing still, abandoned half-way through fields as the rain shimmied around them. This field at Arthur River was already turned to stubble when we passed.

Close up of a strand of barbed wire that has been looped and knotted around itself to tie it to a fence post. The multi-stranded wire is a plait and twist in itself, dull grey galvanised steel. The tips of each barb are showing signs of rust.

Barbed wire in an old but still functional fence at Arthur River. I love the texture of different materials as they age and change.


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