And they lived happily ever after

Ms4 was telling her brother a story she’d made up. As usual, a scary monster story. She ended her story thus: “They all went home safe and sound. They became farmers and lived happily ever after.”

…I may be guilty of editing the endings of some of her princess stories so that instead of the girl going off with the prince to the castle, the prince goes off with the girl to the farm*.


(*Like Rapunzel. I mean, like heck she just moped in the desert for years until the prince found her. In my version, she builds herself an adobe house and grows desert crops** to feed herself and others, and when the prince turns up she’s certainly glad to see him but boy has she been busy while he’s been gone. Pass me that agi pipe and the sealant, willya?)


(**When the kids get older I might let slip that it’s a yucca plantation with a back room distillery. It’ll be fun to see how long it takes before they argue with me over whether it should be yucca or agave.)

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