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Hypothetical / Crop profile: Kara (Burchardia)

Kara is one of the crops I’m considering trying to start up, either at home garden level or at commercial level (the former will be a necessary trial step for the latter). It’s part of my vested interest in climate-suitable … Continue reading

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The beauty of ideas

Over in the UK there’s a design team building something called a Gravity Light. Their challenge was to build some kind of light suitable for underdeveloped countries, and after looking at solar for a while they said “well, anything that … Continue reading

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Online resource – the Institute of Advanced Studies 2050 Food Lecture Series (audio recording)

The Institute of Advanced Studies at UWA held three lectures on future food and food security issues in the last few months, titled the 2050 Food Lecture Series. Each of the three lectures was recorded and can be listened to … Continue reading

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Future planning on fire

“Apropos of nothing”, my mother said to me, “J– died last night. We’re all a little shocked.” I’m down visiting the family farm, and despite (or because of) not having lived here for decades now, Mum always tries to catch … Continue reading

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Water banking and developing it in Australia

One idea that’s cropped up occasionally recently is water banking. The basic idea is that you take water in flood years and set it aside for use in drought years. Simple enough, and a compelling concept given the increased variability … Continue reading

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