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The pistachio bed

The female pistachio bed has been developing slowly over a couple of years. The pistachio itself is in a depression. I dug the soil/sand out to about eight inches, then mixed a bag of cow manure into the sand that … Continue reading

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Friday photo – Wirewood seeds

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Nose-to-tail consumption

Despite it being close to my own habits, I’d never heard of the phrase “nose-to-tail consumption” until a couple of days ago when a conversation between puppetry-loving friends led me to the Herald Sun’s rave review of “The Beast“, a … Continue reading

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Snails for Christmas

Last Christmas for the first time we hosted the Christmas dinner for my husband’s family. It was as fraught as is traditional for such events, with gossip, miscommunication and denied expectations all over the place. Part of the problem is … Continue reading

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Rabbits vs. quolls – an overlooked chapter in our protein history

Every so often I’ll be looking at specifically at protein sources, despite (or because of?) being a plant person through and through. This is not an in depth article on using rabbits as a protein source, though I should do … Continue reading

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