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Microplot design, #2

Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke), basil, tomato, choko. I actually don’t know which number this is, but I think it’s the second one I’ve posted about. This microplot is in the “vegie garden” section (zone 3A) of my trials, so it is … Continue reading

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Saturday links

Every Saturday’s post on AgriTapestry is a collection of agriculture, agritecture, urban farming and gardening related links, often stories that have come up during the week. Here’s this week’s: DNA tests take the guesswork out of breeding easycare sheep (Sheep … Continue reading

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Fields of Plenty – 2063 Vision of Future Agriculture wins 2013 Food Security Journalism Award

A description of one way a rice farm could look in the future, and the current science and research that would take us into that future, has netted Elizabeth Finkel of Cosmos Magazine the 2013 Food Security Journalism Award. Finkel’s … Continue reading

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Rabbits vs. quolls – an overlooked chapter in our protein history

Every so often I’ll be looking at specifically at protein sources, despite (or because of?) being a plant person through and through. This is not an in depth article on using rabbits as a protein source, though I should do … Continue reading

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A little bit about Syria

Syria is one of those countries I forget about sometimes. I can’t always remember where it is on a map, and talk about the civil war had me thinking “Wasn’t that last year?”.  Ah, the joys of living in a … Continue reading

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Wildlife in the city – a new way of perceiving habitat (part 2)

So, yesterday’s argument was that the place to focus our conservation attention is the matrix, the area outside the preserves. Where we live. if you start viewing our suburbs as the new habitat, how does this start making our cities … Continue reading

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Water banking and developing it in Australia

One idea that’s cropped up occasionally recently is water banking. The basic idea is that you take water in flood years and set it aside for use in drought years. Simple enough, and a compelling concept given the increased variability … Continue reading

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