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Autumn, the season that’s not quite what you think

I love Autumn. Not that weird thing people talk about where all the leaves fall off trees. They always say that season starts and ends in the wrong place, and anyway, even where we do have colourful deciduous trees such … Continue reading

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Bunuru, or secondsummer

As I’ve written about before, I follow the local six-season calendar in my work here with soil, plants, weather and climate. This blog went into a bit of a hiatus halfway through the season of firstsummer, what with the holiday … Continue reading

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Makuru, or winter

By the six season calendar we’re now in “winter”, or Makuru to give it the indigenous name. On the seasonal wheels you see around the place it’s marked as being approximately June and July, but that’s a white person’s fiction. … Continue reading

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Floral calendar, November (photo post)

Time for a floral calendar-of-the-trees update. We’ve passed the time for all the cool weather flowers, the delicate pink and white blossom types. Now we’re into the trees that loooove the sunshine. The Cape Lilac has come and gone – … Continue reading

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Kambarang, Birak and the encroachment of summer

Round about the first of November we had a day with a dry easterly wind blowing. The easterlies bring over the warmth of the inland, but it’s still early in the bright half of the year and the Earth has … Continue reading

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Secondspring, welcome! (and now I’d better get on with it)

The seasons have turned, and it’s now secondspring. I do enjoy this season. The ducklings look a little like gawky teenagers, still fluffy but quite large. The wildflowers that most characterise the state are finishing up, at least around Perth, … Continue reading

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Firstspring, secondspring, say what?

I’ve used the terms firstspring and secondspring a few times now so I’d better explain. I work with my gardens on the local seasonal pattern, which is a six-season cycle. When I was a wildflower tour guide, the immediate next … Continue reading

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