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Microplot design, #2

Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke), basil, tomato, choko. I actually don’t know which number this is, but I think it’s the second one I’ve posted about. This microplot is in the “vegie garden” section (zone 3A) of my trials, so it is … Continue reading

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Microplot garden design – 1

One of the things I’m experimenting with is dense microplots for urban gardens. Take three, maybe four species of food or useful plant, and grow them together in a complementary fashion so that they each help each other thrive and … Continue reading

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Red and purple and bean Christmas

This year, my bean screen forms part of the Christmas decorations, twining up through the Christmas lights, standing silhouetted in front of the Bull Banksia’s serrated leaves, even curving around the nearly-full moon. Merry Christmas, to all those folk I … Continue reading

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Urban farming tech – Sub-irrigation

Sub-irrigation is a phrase I only recently came across. I was familiar with self-watering pots, which a home gardener might have a couple of, and I knew of wicking beds, a type of garden bed which also works on the … Continue reading

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Snails for Christmas

Last Christmas for the first time we hosted the Christmas dinner for my husband’s family. It was as fraught as is traditional for such events, with gossip, miscommunication and denied expectations all over the place. Part of the problem is … Continue reading

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Balcony box garden with styrofoam fruit boxes (video)

I’ve lived most of my adult life in flats, none of them on the ground floor. So I’ve had a bit of practice at gardening in small spaces and in pots and containers. The last flat I was in was … Continue reading

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Garden profile: The kid-oriented pot plant garden

Profile time! Today, Zone 2, a little space I and the kids really enjoy. Zone 2 quick profile Watered, in pots, semi-shaded. Plant choices based around high interactivity and safety for children, and resilience in the face of enthusiastic toddlers. … Continue reading

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Bean screen – small space gardening “how to”

My two-year-old helped me plant the bean screen last week, as part of our first week of firstspring. Here’s what it looks like: This is a small-space gardening technique I’ve been working with. The idea is that we put climbing … Continue reading

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