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Microplot garden design – 1

One of the things I’m experimenting with is dense microplots for urban gardens. Take three, maybe four species of food or useful plant, and grow them together in a complementary fashion so that they each help each other thrive and … Continue reading

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Night markets at the farm

It’s a warm summer’s evening after a 38 degree day. The sea breeze is in but that just means the air’s no longer baking and it’s got a bit more humid. The pumpkin vines look fine with healthy tendrils exploring … Continue reading

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Urban farming tech – Sub-irrigation

Sub-irrigation is a phrase I only recently came across. I was familiar with self-watering pots, which a home gardener might have a couple of, and I knew of wicking beds, a type of garden bed which also works on the … Continue reading

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Making “capers” with nasturtium seeds and a hint of mermaid

Last year at the end of nasturtium season I tried making my own “capers”. I’d read about substituting nasturtium seed pods for capers online, I had the book “Wild Fermentation” by Sandor Katz which gave a reliable method, I had … Continue reading

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Online resource – Urban farming and the agricultural show (the National Museum Australia)

The National Museum Australia has an online feature called Urban Farming and the Agricultural Show. They’ve gone through their collections looking at items that tell the story of food and its production, how our agricultural and industrial food systems have … Continue reading

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An outdoor nation missing trees: research reports from Tree Day

There’s a disconnect between the way Australians see themselves, and what they’re actually doing – at least when it comes to the big outdoors. For National Tree Day, Planet Ark prepared the Outdoor Lifestyle Survey and report, sponsored by Toyota … Continue reading

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Saturday links

Every Saturday’s post on AgriTapestry is a collection of agriculture, agritecture, urban farming and gardening related links, often stories that have come up during the week. Here’s this week’s: Urban agriculture Preserving the culture in urban agriculture (Edible Milwaukee) Reviving … Continue reading

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Online resource – the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network

One of the interesting websites I’ve found around on urban agriculture is the Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network. They have a range of useful fact sheets on the basics, including safety, composting, crop rotation, pest management and building … Continue reading

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Snails for Christmas

Last Christmas for the first time we hosted the Christmas dinner for my husband’s family. It was as fraught as is traditional for such events, with gossip, miscommunication and denied expectations all over the place. Part of the problem is … Continue reading

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The Global Food Security Index (2013 edition)

Today I came across the Global Food Security Index, prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit. Their 2013 results were put out in July, and make quite an interesting read. The index gives countries an overall score (and ranking) for food … Continue reading

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