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Dugite delivery, fresh today, get yours while they’re wriggling

Cat #1 caught a young dugite on Tuesday. First I knew of this was when I heard that distinctive triumphant but somewhat muffled “Meow! Meow! Meow!” approaching. I looked up from the post I was trying to give the final … Continue reading

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Rabbits vs. quolls – an overlooked chapter in our protein history

Every so often I’ll be looking at specifically at protein sources, despite (or because of?) being a plant person through and through. This is not an in depth article on using rabbits as a protein source, though I should do … Continue reading

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Wildlife in the city – a new way of perceiving habitat (part 1)

A lot of the way we manage native flora and fauna is about remnants – those tiny (or not so) patches of land that are still usually relatively undisturbed. We take care of those and map them, survey them, try … Continue reading

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