Saturday links (including telling the story of farming)

Every Saturday’s post on AgriTapestry is a collection of agriculture, agritecture, urban farming and gardening related links, often stories that have come up during the week. Here’s this week’s:

Telling the stories of farming

On trolls, and not feeding them (CloverHill Dairies)

Advocating for AGvocaters (The Cotton Wife)

The war is not over (Stock and Land)

Inspiring children (Kids, Cattle and Mobile Phones)

The stories we tell (The Land)

Masterclass in farm pride – telling the sensory story (Coretext)

Around the industries:


The dairy industry and supermarket relations (Cloverhill Dairies Diary)

Warrnambool dairy buyout (ABC)

Meat and livestock

Metallic sheep? Ewe’ve got to be kidding me (ABC)

Getting cattle to graze “junk terrain” (Queensland Farming Life)

Beware pimelea poisoning (Meat and Livestock Australia)

Lot feeder boss fronts RSPCA (Stock and Land)

Cropping and horticulture

Gluten-free crops catching on and building up (ABC)

Heat could affect mallee grain yields (ABC)

Growing hemp vs. marijuana (ABC)

Green almonds finding a niche market (ABC)

Fishing and aquaculture

Barramundi season affected by drought (ABC)

Oldest fish farms in the world, in South West Victoria – and the possibility of moving into eels (ABC)

Modular aquaponics in the city (Agri-Tecture)

Ferals, weeds and rehabilitation

Mixed response to wild dog bounty in WA (Farm Weekly)

Smart mouldboard ploughing improves weed control (Weeds Network)

Targeted grazing for weed control proves more cost-effective than herbicides (Weeds Network)

Charles Darwin Reserve a refuge in a degraded landscape (ABC)

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