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Weed control these last months – oxalis

I’ve spent a fair bit of time the last four to six months on major weed control. I’m a big believer in weedscaping, and letting weeds do my work for me as much as possible. They condition my soil, protect … Continue reading

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Makuru, or winter

By the six season calendar we’re now in “winter”, or Makuru to give it the indigenous name. On the seasonal wheels you see around the place it’s marked as being approximately June and July, but that’s a white person’s fiction. … Continue reading

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The redbud bed, and zone 3B

The bed I planted the redbud tree (Cercis siliquastrum) in last year is coming along very well, so I thought I’d show what’s happening in that bed and that zone. Zone 3B is one of my watered zones, but the … Continue reading

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