Friday photo – Larvae damage in tomato

A tomato torn in half lies on the edge of an old grey tree stump, with dappled sunlight on out of focus weeds behind. The fruit is ripe and red along one edge, with still-green seeds along the other. The centre is crumbly, soft and brown all the way through the fruit. At the rightmost tip of the fruit a fat orangey-pink larvae is curled up.

I bit into the first fruit from one group of tomato plants that were ripening quicker than the others, and found it suspiciously floury. The next one I split open before eating. This is what it looked like. I don’t know what the wriggly pink larvae grows into, but I am impressed at the damage. Most of the crop in this plant group appears likely to be affected. I left it lying in the sun for the ravens to eat for me.

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