Balcony box garden with styrofoam fruit boxes (video)

I’ve lived most of my adult life in flats, none of them on the ground floor. So I’ve had a bit of practice at gardening in small spaces and in pots and containers. The last flat I was in was above a set of shops, and every day there’d be a pile of styrofoam vegie boxes getting tossed away by the three fruit-and-veg sellers. I started repurposing them to grow vegies in rather than just pack vegies in, and along the way found out a few tricks and tips about it. The garden grew, and grew. When another friend was moving into a second-floor flat and wanted some ideas about how she could build a garden in their two square metres of balcony, I took my phone out to my balcony garden and made a video of what I’d done. Enjoy this example of a box garden!

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