Friday photo – Blueberry buds and flowers

Blueberry buds and flowers

That’s (well-rinsed) pistachio shells being used for blueberry-friendly mulch under there

Our blueberry bush is budding and flowering prolifically, or at least as much as a one-foot-high bush can. Blueberries aren’t the best crop for Perth as most need more chilling than we get here on the sandplain. This is a low-chill variety called “Sunshine Blue”. Low-chill has two advantages – one, that we get any fruit at all (crucial!), and two, that it tends to be early flowering and early-fruiting in Perth. Blueberries are normally in season from December through February, and these will be done by the end of December. That’s important. One of the strategies for cropping successfully in Perth’s hot, dry secondsummers and the heatwaves they bring for ten weeks is to simply not have crops going at that time, or at least to limit what you’re trying to keep alive and sufficiently hydrated. So anything that’s fully harvested before the heatwaves begin, like this blueberry, has a clear advantage.

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