Friday photo – A snail might sleep, and dream of flying

Seeds of a wild oat plant dangle from top right to lower left. From one in the middle hangs a small snail shell, sealed over at the edge with clear "shellac" snail exudate.

At the beginning of secondspring or Kambarang the snails began to aestivate, finding all kinds of nooks and crannies for their summer hibernation. They still came out in the early morning if we got rain or if there was enough dewfall overnight, but that’s happened less and less over the month of October. So now as I clear up weeds around the place I keep coming across sleeping snails in the strangest of places. This one hanging on the seeds of a 2m tall wild oat plant made me wonder why it had climbed up there in the first place, and if it had been caught by surprise by the drying days before it could get back down.

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