Red and purple and bean Christmas

This year, my bean screen forms part of the Christmas decorations, twining up through the Christmas lights, standing silhouetted in front of the Bull Banksia’s serrated leaves, even curving around the nearly-full moon. Merry Christmas, to all those folk I know celebrating it.

Two strings of red lights hang down in front of a thick cluster of dinosaur-scale-like leaves. To the right a bean vine climbs high and bean pods hang fat and curved against the lighter sky.

At sunset, dark enough for the lights to switch on but still light enough to see silhouettes against the darkening sky.

One bean vine climbs up a string in the dark, slightly fuzzy in the low light. Along similar strings dangle strands of small red globes, looking half-white in the long camera exposure. To top and left the nearly-full moon shines blue-white, about the same size as the light globes. In the distance on the right strands of white globes drape along tree branches.

One night not long ago, the beans are lit by the Christmas lights and the moon.


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