Online resource – Urban farming and the agricultural show (the National Museum Australia)

The National Museum Australia has an online feature called Urban Farming and the Agricultural Show. They’ve gone through their collections looking at items that tell the story of food and its production, how our agricultural and industrial food systems have come about, how they are changing, and how it all inter-relates with our society and our beliefs. Excerpt from the front page:

Existing practices may appear natural and inevitable, but they have in fact developed over time, the result of a particular trajectory of ambitions, beliefs and choices. As we explore in this website, one way in which we can begin to think about new ways of producing our food is to critically examine our current ideas about agriculture. We can begin by disrupting our common-sense ideas about food production by revealing them as historically produced – as constructed artefacts – and therefore open to change.

Yes, that’s right – for those of you not in the loop of current museumology (which is almost everyone), ideas can also be historical artefacts worthy of display in a museum. So this is an exhibition about ideas, backed up by physical objects. And also an exhibition about stories – because ag shows have always been a place where farmers and manufacturers tell their stories to the general public.

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